Wedding Ana and Jose

Ana y Jose con los jóvenes de Honduras

We are very lucky and we have more than what we need to live. That is why we want our wedding to serve so that others who have not had so many opportunities can finish their higher education.

We have set ourselves a challenge: Together we all get a one-year scholarship for 10 young people from Honduras. You dare?

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Many young people in Honduras have no chance of completing their studies if we do not support them.

At ACOES, while attending their classes and receiving training that covers their training gaps, they commit to gradually learn to manage the social projects that ACOES carries out, becoming agents of change in their neighborhoods or communities.

It is a singular and very powerful model of solidarity and empowerment of young people. For each ACOES university student, another 30 people in a situation of great vulnerability benefit.

En Azora creemos que la EDUCACION es la mejor palanca para trasformar las personas y la SOCIEDAD, es la mejor inversión que podemos hacer. Por eso, entre todos queremos conseguir el reto de becar a 100 jóvenes. AZORA duplicará la cantidad donada por los colaboradores de esta campaña.

With €20 a month you support their tuition and school supplies, with €40 you also contribute to transportation and with €75 you also assume their support while they study.


Know how much your donations deduct in ACOES:

Physical person:

Up to the first €150

From €150



(Periodic donations for 3 years in the same entity will deduct the 40%)

Legal person:

All the amount donated a 35% (periodic donations for 3 years in the same entity will deduct the 40%)

In both cases, the limit of the deduction on the taxable base remains at 10%.