Contribute your vidingo granite to grant scholarships to 30 children

Join our 2023 challenge to help 30 children in Honduras have the opportunity to study and opt for a better life. Each child with a scholarship later helps another 30 children to have the same opportunity.

In Viding, we promise to contribute a third of the goal, donating 1 full scholarship for every 2 obtained.

With very little, we can do a lot, but we need your help.

Contribute and help us make Honduras a better place!

(*) Up to a total of 10 annual scholarships
2.057€ de 6.480€ recaudado


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Many girls and many boys and young people in Honduras do not have real access to education if we do not support them. At ACOES, young people, while attending their classes and receiving complementary training, commit to gradually learning how to manage the social projects that ACOES carries out. In this way they become agents of change in their neighborhoods or communities.

It is a singular and very powerful model of solidarity and empowerment of young people. For each young person in ACOES, another 30 people in a situation of great vulnerability benefit.

We believe that EDUCATION is the best lever to transform people and SOCIETY, it is the best investment we can make for the world.

With €5/month you pay for the educational material and the registration of a young person from the rural area

With €10/month you make it possible for this young person to study secondary school at a distance

With €18/month you make it possible for a boy or girl to go to school in person


Know how much your donations deduct in ACOES:

Physical person:

Up to the first €150

From €150



(Periodic donations for 3 years in the same entity will deduct the 40%)

Legal person:

All the amount donated a 35% (periodic donations for 3 years in the same entity will deduct the 40%)

In both cases, the limit of the deduction on the taxable base remains at 10%.